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Healing Today
at All World Acres
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There are two schools of thought about Reiki symbols. The first says that Reiki symbols are sacred and not to be shared with those who are not initiated into Reiki. It is thought the Reiki symbols will not work, and will be diluted if they are shared with someone who has no knowledge of how to use them. The second school of thought is sharing the Reiki symbols with everyone is really what the energy of Reiki is all about – UNIVERSAL life force. And thus, it should be available to all to share. Seems there is no right or wrong here, just which school of thought you subscribe to, or what your Reiki training has been.

There are still some old Reiki masters who will tell you right off the bat that the Reiki symbols are not to be shared with just anyone, as it takes away from the power of them. There may be sense in this argument if you stop to think about the Reiki symbols themselves. They don't mean anything to someone who has no idea what they are or what they can achieve with them. On the other hand, there are so many self-help books on the subject of Reiki and using the Reiki symbols that you might think you can learn how to do Reiki through using a book and teaching yourself.

If the books dealing with Reiki symbols are to be believed, you should not only be able to learn the symbols, but attune yourself and become whatever level of practitioner you wish. While this sounds simple, there really is a whole lot more to it than just reading a book. Particularly when you get more advanced in levels.

Without getting into too much about the symbols, as in drawing them, we can certainly tell you the names of the symbols used for the lower levels of Reiki energy channeling. If you are just starting, the first level of Reiki requires no symbols to work. It does however need an attunement from the Reiki master who is training you. Level 2 symbols need to be given to you by the Reiki master along with an attunement to the second level. Self-help books indicate you can do attunements yourself. That is still a highly controversial level and a word of caution here. Do energy work with respect and caution.

But, back to the Level 2 symbols. There are three of them – the Power symbol, the Mental/Emotional Symbol and the Distance Symbol. The Power symbol means "by Imperial decree, put all the power of the universe here". The Mental/Emotional Symbol means "God and humanity become one, to create a new habit". The Distance Symbol means "May the Buddha (enlightened one) in me connect with the Buddha in you to promote peace and dignity."
reiki healing
If you have the fair interest in knowing Reiki and how it is practiced, the best thing to start with is that of getting familiar with the healing procedure. Reiki imparts the knowledge on how the present life can be lived to the fullest and to let go of all the worries and stress. It is necessary to put away the concerns that bother the mind, the spirit, and the body because it is the only way on how a full life can be enjoyed. Reiki healing employs the force that opens the doors in our lives towards the most unexpected and positive things that can occur. As soon as we allow our hearts, minds, and spirits to open up to the wonders of its healing procedure, we can start to live in harmony with the rest of our brothers and sisters.

The Healing and the Healer
As per the believers of Reiki, they manifest the techniques as they abide by the Divine consecration and the sacred covenant that they share with the Creator. Others even have the faith that the ability to heal themselves and others by means of using Reiki is innate. The technique is both a therapy and a way of allowing one to live the present day at a given moment. The healing ability is empowered as the person decides to accept his responsibility in getting attuned to it. Apart from acting as a form of treatment, it is also a lifestyle that encourages an individual to do good deeds in their entire lifetime.

The Early Beginnings
The methods of healing through Reiki is said to have been rooted from the age old Tibet and was actually rediscovered by no less than a Japanese man by the name Mikao Usui in the latter part of the 1800s. When Mikao Usui died, his loyal followers took over the responsibility and continued the practice. They established clubs and alliances which still exist to this day to teach the variations of the Reiki method. The teaching is basically based on the learner's level of spiritual maturity. In the early times, the club was exclusively for the Japanese so the foreigners were never allowed to partake in the course. However, one Japanese woman by the name Hawayo Takata introduced the same teachings in the western world in the 1970s. Nowadays, the knowledge on Reiki is known to all parts of the world.

Using Reiki Methodology
If there are some people who question the efficacy of Reiki, it is but necessary to believe that it truly works. The person has to be simply open to accept the healing energy which is always around. You don't necessarily have to feel anything during the healing process. If one fails to receive the energy, it means that the process is obstructed by the imbalanced chakras. In order to fully enjoy its effect, it has to be rebalanced. It may take a while but with the help of other Reiki healers, the process of recovery can be made faster.

It is but important to do the Reiki healing procedure with all of your heart and mind. Your action has to be driven by your greatest emotion called love. It is by opening yourself up to the whole process that you will only be able to receive its rewarding effect. Good deeds are also going to be returned to you.
reiki healing
28th-Mar-2011 11:02 pm(no subject)
The Purpose of Reiki Healing

Reiki healing has been in continuing practice for several years now. It is recognized to be a great tool that is aimed at personal treatment and growth. Reiki energy is rooted from an optimal spiritual source which never fails to come up with the best results. The healing applies for the spirit, the mind, and the body which has to serve as the guide in an individual's journey called life. Reiki likewise aids in the enhancement of the personal talents. Of course, all of these can only materialize if you prefer to get attuned to this sacred practice. There exists a sacred covenant that has to be maintained and nurtured for always.

Learning the Program of Self-Healing

For you to be able to acquire the depth of the knowledge on Reiki's self-healing process, you must develop a sensible time for practice. You need to master different techniques. The way on how you execute it will move you forward near your goal or pull you away from your desired aim. In the course of self-healing, the appropriate technique must be used and thus should be learned by you. If you are qualified enough to do so, you may choose to develop your own healing system which will work to your advantage. If you have your spirit, mind, and heart into Reiki, you will surely succeed.

The Allotted Time for Self-Healing

The Reiki system of self-healing is best done by regularly allotting at least 30 minutes to yourself. It is time that you realize how important it is to value yourself and therefore spend some time for your complete healing. You may use either the scanning or hand positions as your technique. Your focus should be on those regions that require healing the most. As the session begins, you will be carefully guided as to where your hands should go and which body part should you touch. You have to feel everything that you are doing. Let the energy flow and feel it vibrating. While the session is going on, ponder on your daily activities and where your life is heading. It is by means of thinking over your practice in life will your quest for self-healing produce a great impact. This is a kind of technique that promotes the development of a healthy attitude. More so, this self-reflection technique will similarly give you more room for the generation of very creative ideas and ways on how it will be best to handle your own troubles.

Self-Healing in Groups

Again, Reiki treatment can be administered to yourself or to others. Hence, you may form a special group with the rest of the Reiki self-healers whom you know and do the session altogether. This practice is a lot more effective because you don't only get to heal yourself but the rest of your group mates as well. A daily practice can do wonders. You will heal each other faster. The complete healing is also sure to materialize. The secret to it is the sharing of energy and support as the group gets on with the session.

Being in a group will give you the opportunity to discuss among yourselves the things that you want to get healed with. A once a week meeting will generate a more serious focus and a deeper purpose in each and every one of you. Let the prayers guide you through as you convene in the Reiki healing practice.

For more information about Reiki Healing go to http://reikiforhealing.org/ .
reiki healing
time to listen - and send out a new and better meme!

There is a perfect example of a thought virus spreading on the internet right now, in the form of a chain email entitled “time to listen,” making people feel guilty for not having time for God. (for more about thought viruses and memes, check out http://www.memecentral.com/)

Christianity is only one very successful example of a thought virus. It is highly adaptable, easily mutates, and the most important factor, it has memes programmed into it specifically designed to make sure the thought virus replicates, multiplies, and spreads, continuing to infect new minds.

However, it is not the only thought virus out there, and one of the best ways to combat the infection is by spreading alternate memes (like the Darwin feet that were added to the meme of the icthyus (Christian fish metal car decorations)).

To that purpose, I have made some selected edits to this particular thought virus that has come around to my email box several times now. I’ve done a little “meme” (gene) selection, to create a new thought virus. I invite you to not only spread this particular new thought virus by forwarding it to whomever you feel appropriate, but to also change the individual memes as you see fit to create a more personalized thought virus. The more mutations are out there the faster the main virus family will spread.

Just make sure you keep the message positive, without any attack memes – it is more likely to be accepted by the targets and not attacked by their existing virus protection mechanisms. Keep in mind that there must still be memes embedded in the new virus to insure that it spreads as the initial infection did – I was able to leave those pretty much untouched from the original email, with only minor selected edits! (You’ll recognize those mechanisms when you see them.)
Here we go… Achoo! 
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gypsy's flight from the sun
Ordo Templi Orientis
Set Triumphant
Orlando, Florida
Lon Milo Duquette
Sunday February 5, 2006
Lon Milo Duquette is the author of a dozen books and an
international lecturer on topics ranging from Initiation and the Tarot, to
John Dee’s Enochian system of Magick. He will be presenting a day-long
Workshop on Enochian Magick from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
This event is open to all those interested in attending.
The cost is $50.00 per person and seating is limited.
The event will be held on at the Clarion Hotel Universal
on International Drive near Universal Studios.
Hotel information is available at: http://www.clarionuniversal.com/
or you can call Clarion at (800) 445-7299.
The Event Code for discounted rooms is Lon Duquette.
Those attending this event are eligible for a discounted hotel room rate
three days prior to and three days following the event.
Lon is an engaging and delightful speaker with over 30 years of experience in
the Enochian system. The workshop will cover both theory and practice. We
will end the day with a scrying session. There will also be a Book Signing.
Please contact Set Triumphant, the Orlando O.T.O. Camp-in-formation:
to make payment arrangements through Paypal or by mail.
gypsy's flight from the sun
28th-Dec-2005 10:33 am(no subject)
The Brighid's Fire gathering is scheduled for Feb. 24-26 at All World

This free weekend festival will feature workshops, main ritual, drum
circles, sweat lodge, healing circle, vendors, and fun for the entire
family. Come spend the day or camp for the whole weekend.

Camping is also free. Gates will open on Friday at 3pm for visitors
and campers.

Please visit Online Newsletter for more info for first time visitors
and vendors.

tattood faery
14th-Dec-2005 08:26 pm - Future Festivals at All World Acres
Brighid's Fire February 24-26, 2006. A free family festival to celebrate the Goddess Brighid and her aspects. Vendors are welcome but please RSVP.

Beltainia April 20-23. Our 5th annual Beltaine celebration. Family
festival. Registration will be open soon. Vendors are welcome.

Body Magick May 11-14. An adults only festival. Registration will be
open soon. Vendors are welcome.

I will let you all know when registration opens for each festival :-)
Karma - Sailoreagle
12th-Dec-2005 10:46 am - Another AMAZING Yulefest
I can't even begin to explain how wonderful that Yulefest was. I am so excited to have seen so many people. Love was flowing and the the ritual was an amazing birth of the Sun God.

Some other great highlights:
Yula Hula
Body Painting
Chocolate Divination
Harp Concert (with dance accompaniment)
Bardic Circle/Jam Session
Aura Workshop


Once again it was a great weekend of fun and family. I hope that if you did not attend that you will be able to attend the next event in February (more announcements on that soon!)
7th-Dec-2005 12:10 pm - I wanted to share some pictures

These are just some random pictures that were taken out at All Worlds last weekend, to give people who haven't been there an idea what to expect.  Photo thanks to simplysakka


On to the pretties...Collapse )

LB and Me
6th-Dec-2005 07:22 pm - Yulefest
Hi Everyone! I am so excited because even though I am still experiencing all the emotional and spiritual highs from last week's Poly Gathering at All Worlds, we get to go back again this week! The festival starts on Thursday... who all will be there to celebrate with us?
LB and Me
6th-Dec-2005 12:26 am - Welcome!
Richard, Mary, Vivienne and the intertwined communities that make up All World Acres/Healing Today welcome you with love and healing.

If you have any questions, please post them, and we will be happy to help!
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